#WACAC2014…Watch to Find Out!

Check out our intro video to this year's WACAC conference. Grant Cushman from Chapman University and Sam Schreiber from the University of Southern California explain the social media activities that will take place during the event and how you can participate. Make sure you watch to learn more about how to participate and win Amazon gift cards at this year's conference!  See you all next week! … [Read more...]

I have an IDEA…

Each year WACAC offers several pre-conferences for admission professionals to address specific topics in more depth during the annual conference.  Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, and Access (IDEA), is one of the pre-conferences.  IDEA is designed to create a safe space that encourages and supports the discussion of issues of diversity that are often sensitive and require careful dialogue.  We feel it is important for all college admission professionals to attend and be a part of this important dialogue to learn from one another. We strive to share information and incite discussion with our colleagues to remain up-to-date and well informed on best practices. This year’s theme addresses the multiple and intersecting identities of our students and how these are manifested  through the college admission process and beyond.  We have designed a pre-conference that will address the process of self-identifying with and negotiating multiple identities.  Workshop topics will include working … [Read more...]

What the WACAC?

With the conference fast approaching, I figured I would give a breakdown of exactly what the social media themes are for each day of the conference and how you can participate to make @WACAC a better community than it already is. Here is a brief synopsis: Make sure you are tagging #WACAC2014 and are following @WACAC on Twitter and Facebook! Monday June 9th #TIL (Today I Learned) Keeping the focus on professional development, the theme of the first day will be TIL (Today I Learned). We are encouraging conference attendees to tweet, Facebook, and share what they’ve learned from their fellow colleagues’ presentations. Be sure to tag #TIL and #WACAC2014 so we can track the posts! Ex. TIL about how to use Twitter effectively #WACAC2014 *We will be selecting several posts throughout the day to win Amazon Gift Cards* Tuesday, June 10th #SWAGAC Making sure the longest day of the conference is also the most fun, the theme of Tuesday will be #SWAGAC. We will be posting … [Read more...]

Tweet Me, Maybe?

I first heard about Twitter in 2008 when James Buck was in Egypt and found himself arrested. His simple tweet, “arrested,” alerted his friends back in the States and fellow activists in Egypt that he may need legal help, which his University ultimately secured for him. He was freed less than 24 hours later. Since I live on the edge often do dumb things, I decided I needed to investigate this Twitter business further in case I ever needed instant legal counsel moral support. I joined in early 2009 and have seen the site grow in ways I never would have imagined. Twitter first started as a sketch by Jack Dorsey in 2006. Jack was also the first to send a tweet on a platform that now boasts 255 million users sending over 500 million tweets a day who speak over 35 languages. When it debuted on the New York Stock Exchange in 2013, it was valued at 14 billion dollars which rose to 25 billion by the end of the first day of trading. Yes, 25 billion. The concept is simple, Dorsey wanted to … [Read more...]

A WACAC Introduction to Facebook

Would you Facemash?   The October 2003 dormitory online entertainment created to compare hacked photos side by side to assess levels of ‘hotness’ and ‘notness’ bred outrage, but the idea generated in Mark Zuckerberg’s Harvard dorm room took root. By the dawn of 2004, he founded Facebook to connect people around the University, a task he declared would take Harvard years to implement, but he and his cohorts could put together in mere days. Originally limited to Harvard, Facebook quickly spread to other campuses, and by the close of 2004 boasted 1 million registered college users. Today, 1 in every 7 people on Earth has a Facebook account, and in the first quarter of 2013 alone, the site added 54 million new users, or 1 new user every 7 seconds! (According to the Census Bureau, the world population adds 1 new person every 15 seconds.) Although only 11% of users are aged 13-17, today’s teens spend 80% of their time on social media, have twice as many ‘friends’ as their parents do, … [Read more...]