How to Type Like Grant Cushman

Is it Tuesday already? Of course it is. So peel your eyes off those applications and take a little break with Grant Cushman as we dive into another installment of Tech Tuesdays. Today we’re going to delve into the world of smart phone keyboards and explore how you can maximize your text-based output while minimizing your finger-based input. Still following me? Impressive. I’ll break it down based on platforms: Android and iOS. Android Swype Probably one of the first apps to revolutionize smart phone keyboards, Swype ($3.99) is one of the more popular alternatives for users in need of a change from the Android default keyboard. Swype popularized the slide-to-type craze where you type your words with a series of gestures rather than typing out individual letters. It’s added a whole slew of new features, but the sliding mechanism is still at the heart of the application and will generally be the go-to app for patrons who prefer that style of typing. TouchPal Let’s follow Swype … [Read more...]