Our First Podcast! We are super pumped to debut our first WACACast with Sam and Grant!  In our first podcast, we talk about recruitment tips and our individual approaches to planning and executing fall travel.  We encourage feedback in the comment section and hope you’ll tune in for future WACACasts to come. You can click to stream or download it and listen with your podcast app of choice (I like Overcast but any will do) WACACast Download this episode (right click and save) Sidenote: You may notice that at times Grant is echoing.  While it may be cool to think that we are speaking through tin cans in neighboring tree houses, it is in fact due to Sam’s ignorance of how to properly record a podcast (this is my first) and will not be an issue in the future.  PSA: wear headphones with a microphone when recording podcasts on two different computers. Here are the blogs Grant mentions in the podcast: TripIt Post and Evernote Post … [Read more...]

How To Be Driven Around Like Grant Cushman

Since it’s Thanksgiving week and I’m drowning in files and (soon-to-be) mashed potatoes and gravy, I figure I’ll do a quick little blurb (with quite possibly the most confusing prepositional title ever) about one of my favorite innovations that the smartphone has helped bring about: Uber. For all of you who use Uber I’m sure you can attest to how fantastic it is. For those of you who don’t: Uber is a modern taxi service that allows you hail a ‘car,’ pay, and rate your experience completely through your smart phone. Rather than having to call a cab company, you pull up your smart phone, request a car, and then wait for the car to pick you up. The cool thing about this feature is that you can actually see the path the car takes to your location (in the form of an adorable little black car icon); each Uber car is tracked through the car’s GPS so you don’t have to guesstimate when the car will arrive. Before you confirm a ride, you will also receive a projected fare based on … [Read more...]

Closing Time

By the time this post is live, I will be done with recruitment.  I have a weekend of interviews in Houston, where I will talk to 28 high school seniors over two days and pray that I don’t ask one of them the same question twice.  I say this every year, but I seriously do not know where fall went.  As massive of an undertaking every recruitment season feels like, it always seems to disappear before you realize it.  My ’work travel’ email folder only has three confirmations left in it--which is good considering what happened last week in San Luis Obispo: I locked myself out of my hotel room immediately after checking in and, when the front desk attendant asked me which room I was in, I stared at her blankly and admitted I had no idea. You might think that after three years of recruiting in the same territory I would no longer get lost and would know exactly where the front office of every school is.  I wish this were true.  I often find myself in the mental dilemma of not knowing … [Read more...]

Driving Down The 101

I'm currently sitting at Verve Coffee Roasters in Santa Cruz, CA after the start of my last week of high school visits.  My time here is very different from Texas and the whole trip has a different tone.  As I was ordering my coffee, the (very hip) cashier asked me if I needed a copy of my receipt because I look "very business-y" (I'm not even in a full suit).  Everything is more relaxed here and things move a little more slowly, including the freeways. (We can go the speed limit, people!  Come on!)  USC is more widely recognized but Los Angeles is a tougher location to make accessible to people who don't have to lock their doors at night and know everyone in town. I always end with my California territory because it is lower key and reminds me that although Texas has charm and cheap gas, I am a California girl at heart.  CA-12, the geomarket of the central coast, is pretty much the most beautiful part of California.  There are world famous beaches, bridges, golf courses and views. … [Read more...]

Visiting Home

I am in in the office for the first time all month!  I never thought I could miss my cubicle, but sometimes the predictability of two and a half partial walls is all I want.  My cold is subsiding, my bug bites are fading, and life almost feels normal for a week.  It’s great to see the few coworkers that are also in this office this week. We trade stories and marvel at not having seen each other for over a month. Time between trips can often be rushed (depending on how long you actually have), but I tend to leave myself enough time to get just the smallest bit bored before heading back out. (And yes, McKayla Marony is on my desktop and she is very unimpressed with most things I do). In the office, my first order of business is filing an expense report for my trip.  Since I hoard rewards points, all my travel is on my personal credit card--which means I watch for reimbursements like a hawk.  We also have to enter our visits into our system with notes that may be helpful for next year … [Read more...]