Thank You

So, this admission/yield season is drawing to a close and admission staff look forward to reaquainting themselves with their families. My time as a blogger in this space is also drawing nigh. As a result, I thought this might be an appropriate time to hand out some end of the year thank you's. To the admission counselors: You showed up at our schools at 8:00 am on Monday mornings, jet-lagged from a flight. Some of you newbies even took red eye flights. Adorable. You answered admission questions from our most modest scholars with the full knowledge that this was information that would never be applicable to that student. You know who I mean, right? It’s the student skipping pre-calc (a class in which they have a D) to show up for a visit from Duke to ask about the engineering program. It reminds me of a saying about missing the forest for the trees. And despite our best efforts from this side of the desk you were still peppered with questions like: Where is Boston College Located? Do … [Read more...]

Own the Decision!!

I know that I promised a part two to my position against community colleges offering BA/BS degrees, but that will have to wait for my April blog post.  I prefer to discuss how I help students make decisions and take responsibility for those decisions. I have a son who had a plethora of college choices back in 2009.  Narrowing down the choices, then visiting those colleges to speak with the chairs of the departments he was interested in, gave him some direction.  An honest discussion about what we, as parents, could pay for, and about his loan obligations after graduation, though previously discussed, had a bit more relevance and gave him some more direction.  And lastly, our opinions as parents and educators gave him some further direction.  But, ultimately, the message was, "It is your decision, and you must live with that decision.  Do you have all the information you need to make your decision?  Never.  Do you have enough information to make your decision?  Yes."  And then there … [Read more...]