Work in Las Vegas

Starting with an apparent oxymoronic title seems problematic, but feels right to me.  As a native Nevadan, born in Las Vegas, it was where my parents began their professional lives in earnest.  My mom was a radio DJ, and my dad was a mechanical engineer.  They moved to California because the schools and universities offered more choice. Recently, the WACAC Presidential team, Past President-Robynne Royster (California College of the Arts) and President-Elect Peggy Hock (Pinewood School) and me, attended the NACAC Leadership Development Institute (LDI) at the Wynn Hotel in Las Vegas.  Our 2 ½ day LDI congregates all 23 ACAC’s in one location to share information, and get schooled in policy, procedure and issues facing NACAC.  All three of us had breakout sessions on our roles as past, present and future presidents.  Additional breakouts dealt with issues about enhancing non-dues revenues, hiring employees for our organization, college fairs, and the last workshop on the last day, … [Read more...]