Planting Seeds

The first rule of farming is to plant the seeds of the crop that you intend to grow. Admittedly, I am not a farmer, and in the interest of full disclosure, I don't know the first rule of farming. However, if I was writing an idiot’s pamphlet to farming this would be in my top ten rules along with a serious discussion of composting. You may feel that this blog is already material worthy of composting. My response to that is: don't be mean. Anyway, it stands to reason that the farmer who plants wheat and expects soy will always be disappointed. And so it goes with counseling. As this class prepares to graduate it’s time to stop and be aware of the seeds that you have sown. If you simply value prestige and a college list that makes you look good you may get just that; a beautiful case full of trophies. Hopefully, we are planting the seeds of fit, curiosity, courage and lifelong learning. By courage I mean the ability to see what's right and then choose it, even when this choice may not be … [Read more...]

How to Budget Like an Adult

I can’t think of an intro so let’s just hop into it- welcome to “How to Be an Adult” with your resident supplier of tangentially related admission knowledge: Grant Cushman. Now I know as counseling professionals we are inundated with an excess of wealth. I hear it all the time: “Grant, I have Heisenberg levels of money from all of this admission counseling. What should I do with it?” Fortunately, I’ve thought about this a lot and I’ve found that the absolute best answer to this question is...BUY A BOAT! Boats are awesome for several reasons, none of which I will go into because I’m clearly joking. But really though- times are tough, money is tight, and personalized coffee mugs are cheap. It’s easy to lose track of your finances when it’s so much more rewarding to make it rain on Amazon (but only for Prime-eligible; asking me to wait five days is, quite frankly, insulting). With so many wonderful gadgets available with the click of a button, it’s really no wonder why spending … [Read more...]

How to Wake Up Like an Adult

Welcome to the inaugural post of the soon-to-be underwhelming and probably-not-famous blog, ‘How to Be an Adult.’ It’s my first blog post, so I figured I would tackle the first thing we all have to do in the morning: waking up. Now, if you’re like me (i.e. lucky), then this is probably one of the hardest things you have to do throughout the day. I am, admittedly (and purposefully), not a morning person. There are fewer things that give me as much masochistic pleasure as hitting the snooze button for the umpteenth time while I drowsily convince myself that breakfast isn't that important. Now, have I mastered the art of waking up? No, not at all. Did I hit the snooze button three times today? No. I hit it twice and then shut off my phone because I couldn’t be bothered to hit it a third time five minutes later.  With that being said, I have learned some great strategies in my time as a young adult that have made my lazy days less frequent and my mornings less abrasive. I hope that you … [Read more...]

How Soon is Too Soon?

I like to watch my kids sleep.  My own biological children, not my students.  The latter would probably put me on some kind of watch list.  Anyway, I like to watch my own children sleep.  They are so peaceful and this time in their lives seems to be going so fast. (If you need a soundtrack for this blog try Fiddler on the Roof, “Sunrise, Sunset”.)  When they are asleep I get all of the gratification of being a father and none of the sass.  I actually feel like I do some of my best parenting when my kids are sleeping. So, the other night around midnight, I poked my head into my 5 year old daughter’s room.  In a related story, I also like to walk around my house in the middle of the night.  Makes me feel like the king of my castle in a way that I rarely do when the rest of my people are up and around.  I noticed that my daughter’s school uniform was lying on the ground and I walked over to pick it up.  I noticed that she had a pin on the front and turning it over I realized that this … [Read more...]