Planting Seeds

The first rule of farming is to plant the seeds of the crop that you intend to grow. Admittedly, I am not a farmer, and in the interest of full disclosure, I don't know the first rule of farming. However, if I was writing an idiot’s pamphlet to farming this would be in my top ten rules along with a serious discussion of composting. You may feel that this blog is already material worthy of composting. My response to that is: don't be mean. Anyway, it stands to reason that the farmer who plants wheat and expects soy will always be disappointed. And so it goes with counseling. As this class prepares to graduate it’s time to stop and be aware of the seeds that you have sown. If you simply value prestige and a college list that makes you look good you may get just that; a beautiful case full of trophies. Hopefully, we are planting the seeds of fit, curiosity, courage and lifelong learning. By courage I mean the ability to see what's right and then choose it, even when this choice may not be … [Read more...]

Keep Calm and…..either way summer is coming

This is my second to last blog in this series and I thought that I would double back to where I began. The bio Dome. I won't rehash the whole thing right here because it's available on this site and you are free to peruse it at your leisure. However, the basic idea is that our students are leaving high school unprepared to meet the resistance that life will inevitably present. They are smart. They are capable. What they are not is resourceful. They have been pursued so relentlessly by the stakeholders in their lives that they aren't sure what to do when all of a sudden they have to pursue. So, I'm proctoring AP Physics this afternoon and I have to be honest, this doesn't smell like a room full of fives. It's beautiful outside, graduation is just around the corner (presumably) and it is taking everything that this room can muster to stay focused long enough to prove that they understand kinematic equations as they pertain to a free fall. This year seems to be tougher than others and … [Read more...]

Thank You

So, this admission/yield season is drawing to a close and admission staff look forward to reaquainting themselves with their families. My time as a blogger in this space is also drawing nigh. As a result, I thought this might be an appropriate time to hand out some end of the year thank you's. To the admission counselors: You showed up at our schools at 8:00 am on Monday mornings, jet-lagged from a flight. Some of you newbies even took red eye flights. Adorable. You answered admission questions from our most modest scholars with the full knowledge that this was information that would never be applicable to that student. You know who I mean, right? It’s the student skipping pre-calc (a class in which they have a D) to show up for a visit from Duke to ask about the engineering program. It reminds me of a saying about missing the forest for the trees. And despite our best efforts from this side of the desk you were still peppered with questions like: Where is Boston College Located? Do … [Read more...]

A word in support of parents…kind of

I am fully aware that the subject matter in this space often drifts toward the topic of my own children. I guess that’s just where I live right now. By now many of you may be thinking, “Seriously, you should be unpacking this stuff with a professional.” You might be right. Believe me when I say that the goal is never to exclude those of you of who have the tremendous personal freedom and opportunities for self-improvement that comes with not having children. Nor is the goal to patronize you with the idea that I have some kind of earth shattering insight because these two little jerks live in my house. The bottom line is that nothing makes me feel more consistently inadequate than parenting. I count myself equally as blessed to be married to an adult who does most of the heavy lifting while I handle trampoline and swimming duty. Although, I did paint my daughter’s nails over the weekend and I may have stumbled upon a previously undiscovered talent. With the aforementioned inadequacy in … [Read more...]

My Name is Jeff Morrow and I Am a Kindergarten Art Critic

My name is Jeff Morrow and I am a kindergarten art critic.  Wow.  I’ve got to admit that it feels good to get that off my chest.  Quick disclaimer: It’s possible that the next few paragraphs could make it seem like I’m not a fan of kids' artwork.  I know that I am already on thin ice, having admitted in an earlier blog post that I don’t like Disneyland.  I also know that this space isn’t exclusively a vehicle to unpack all of my own baggage.  This isn’t Festivus and there will be no airing of grievances.  However, as the father of a kindergarten student, I have occasion to evaluate 5-6 pieces of “art” every week; and, since I’m not the curator of a freaking museum, nor do I have unlimited space, hard choices must often be made and recycling must be executed.  Let me start by saying that all cut and paste projects are not created equal.  Don’t bring me di-cut sloppily pasted on white paper. I don’t even get out of bed for 2D black and white projects.  Pencil passed as coloring? Please. … [Read more...]