WACAConversations is moving…

Thank you.  We appreciate all of you who have visited the WACAConversations blog, reading posts over the past year, and contributing to the ongoing discussion about college admission counseling. You all have made the beginning of this blog a success and we thank you as our readership! This is by no means to say goodbye; in fact, we are just getting started!  WACAConversations will continue on the WACAC website.  When on the main site, you will see "Latest from the Blog" and several posts cycling through.  Please click on these posts to read more. You can also still subscribe to the blog through the WACAC website, receiving email whenever a new post is made by scrolling to the bottom of the WACAC page and entering your email address.  This will keep you up-to-date with the latest from our blog. We look forward to continuing our conversations through WACAC and look forward to the discussion to follow! … [Read more...]

The New WACAC Website – Homepage Features

We were excited to launch this week the new WACAC website—a project that has been in the works for over eight months. The main force driving forward this project was a desire to better serve our members. While still housed at www.wacac.org, the site has a new look and feel, includes additional functionalities, and now houses all things WACAC in one place. In the first of several blog posts about the new website, we would like to highlight the website homepage—one of the instantly obvious changes to the website. The committee’s goal was to create a landing page with dynamic, up-to-date content. Starting with what’s at the top… Member Login We recommend that you log in during each website visit in order to see all content. This members-only content includes the High School Counselor Toolkit, Transfer Counselor Toolkit, College Admission Counselor Toolkit, Presentation Archives, the Job Posting Form, and other Forms. You should have received instructions for logging in via … [Read more...]

The Power of Paper

As schools adopt laptop/tablet programs it is important to remember the power of paper. While computers provide amazing opportunities for students to discover and explore beyond the brick and mortar walls of the classroom, a simple piece of paper is still a powerful educational tool. Studies prove there is a hand to mind connection made when students take handwritten notes. Writing information down, in their own words, helps students understand and remember concepts. Paper also allows students to illustrate ideas and draw diagrams which further aide understanding. Students should use technology to help them deepen the learning process, not to do the work for them. For example, when reading Romeo and Juliet, googling a map of 16th century Verona and clothing styles of the time period can help the reader visualize and give context to the text. However, it is important for student’s to absorb what they are reading and form their own opinions before being influenced by online summaries. … [Read more...]


Our First Podcast! We are super pumped to debut our first WACACast with Sam and Grant!  In our first podcast, we talk about recruitment tips and our individual approaches to planning and executing fall travel.  We encourage feedback in the comment section and hope you’ll tune in for future WACACasts to come. You can click to stream or download it and listen with your podcast app of choice (I like Overcast but any will do) WACACast Download this episode (right click and save) Sidenote: You may notice that at times Grant is echoing.  While it may be cool to think that we are speaking through tin cans in neighboring tree houses, it is in fact due to Sam’s ignorance of how to properly record a podcast (this is my first) and will not be an issue in the future.  PSA: wear headphones with a microphone when recording podcasts on two different computers. Here are the blogs Grant mentions in the podcast: TripIt Post and Evernote Post … [Read more...]

Presidential Ponderings

The rhythm of the school year calendar is one of the elements of college admissions counseling that I most enjoy. Each season brings a different set of priorities to my office and the start of each new school year brings the anticipation of new possibilities. During the WACAC Board retreat this summer, we had the opportunity to reflect on how we might shape new possibilities for our association as part of a strategic planning process that will direct our efforts for the next four to five years. We are a volunteer run, not-for-profit organization and it is important that we carefully use our resources, especially the time donated by our many volunteers, to maximize our service to our members.   Over three days, lively and thoughtful discussions ensued from WACAC’s talented board members, who come from high schools, public and private, colleges and universities, public and private, independent consulting firms and community colleges and from California and Nevada. From these varied … [Read more...]