San Diego to Host 2015 NACAC Conference

Hey Western ACAC, are we ready for over 6,000 of our friends to join us in San Diego in 2015? Plans are well under way as Western ACAC and the San Diego Local Advisory Committee (LAC) prepare to host the National Conference.  The annual event will take place in San Diego October 1-3, 2015.  We will need hundreds of volunteers for the conference and are calling for volunteers now. There are six committees that will work closely with NACAC to take on the planning and execution of the conference.   Consider your strengths and interests and join the committees that most interests you. The Local Advisory Committee: Chairs – Terri Devine and Ed Devine Logistical Arrangements – Nicholle Wyatt and Peggy Hock Hospitality – Jasmin Taylor and Rick Diaz College Tours – Shannon Hutchinson and Jim Bonner Counselor Preview Day – Bonnie Laughlin and Maureen Roadman Registration - Nancy Olah and Nancy Caine Special Events – Welcome Reception, Social – Gretchen Gleason, Julio Mata and … [Read more...]

Katy’s First (EVER!) Blog Post

Whew!  How about that start of the new year?  It sneaks up on us, delightful yet daunting after what we hope has been some rest in the Summer.With Fall comes a new round of the familiar for most of us.  Familiar events, familiar patterns, familiar tasks.  Sometimes these can be tedious, but aren’t we lucky to be in a field where we make a difference each and every day?  So, as the tasks pile on, whether it be planning travel or getting on a plane, rounding up those Natl Merit Semi Finalists to get to their essays and/or talking with students about the processes of applying to college, I encourage you to take a moment to breathe, reflect and to enjoy your role in truly making a student’s life better.  And celebrate the ripple effect:  making that student’s life better helps his/her family and ultimately his/her community.We, as a profession, are a community . . . a community based in principles and ethics.  If you are able to travel to the NACAC Conference in Toronto you will hear about … [Read more...]

Preparing for NACAC Toronto!

We’re a little over a month away from the 69th annual NACAC Conference in Toronto! As many of my colleagues know, I have a fond appreciation of itineraries, one page summaries, and anything organizational. I wanted to provide you with some travel tips and reminders… Here’s a checklist of items to take care of prior to your departure: Conference: [  ] I’ve registered for the conference and printed my confirmation. [  ] I’ve registered for any pre-conference workshops and seminars I am planning to attend. [  ] I’ve registered for the 5K run/walk fundraiser. [  ] I’ve reviewed the Schedule At-A-Glance and put together a personal schedule (see photo). [  ] I’ve connected to the conference’s social media sites to receive information and updates. [  ] I’ve signed up to volunteer at the conference. Reservations: [  ] I’ve booked my flight and printed my confirmation. [  ] I’ve booked my hotel accommodations and printed my confirmation. [  ] I’ve reserved a rental car, if … [Read more...]