Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? *

* Title is a tribute to Mindy Kaling, whom I aspire to be. Fall always gets a little difficult when trying to plan your life.  My friends will ask, “do you want to see Passion Pit in October?” to which the answer is a resounding YES, but I can’t buy tickets because I’ll likely be on the road.  My mother will ask me if I’m going to be home for Yom Kipper (one of the most important Jewish holidays) and the answer is always a meek “maybe?”  My dad’s birthday is mid-September, so there is always the chance that I will miss it.  Last year, I spent my 27th birthday interviewing high school seniors in Houston.  For three months of the year, your life kind of pauses because you’re either gone or between trips. All of the planning from my previous post happens in about 2 weeks and then usually a week or so later you’re on the road.  Planning to be absent from your day to day life is always a little odd, especially when it is so concentrated.  Do you get paper or electronic bills so that … [Read more...]