Table for One

Society is pretty uncomfortable with people who do things alone.  People are embarrassed to ask for a table/ticket/reservation for one.  We see people waiting alone and assume that they are lonely, have been stood up or have some other justification for not having company.  When I tell people about events I have gone to on my own they seem shocked and exclaim “could NO ONE go with you!?”  It may have something to do with being an only child, but I have never really let going solo hold me back from doing things I want to do. Being an admission counselor has only emboldened this part of me. I spent a weekend in Morro Bay my first year recruiting and couldn’t sign up for a wine tasting tour online as a party of one.  The guy I rented a kayak from looked at me like I was insane when I only needed one life jacket and paddle. (Maybe the fact that it was 65 degrees had something to do with it too.)  I was at Hearst Castle and a woman on the shuttle balked and asked if I had had fun, as if … [Read more...]

Thank You For Being A Platinum Member

There is a division in the USC Office of Admission.  It causes heated debate.  It can define travel.  It certainly is something that defines a person.  Are you Hilton or Marriott?  (Or do you walk on the wilder side with ::GASP:: Starwood?)  If you’ve seen Up In The Air, you’re familiar with this scene.  Comparing rewards points programs, your status, and what you plan to do with your points are conversations that happen around every travel season.  Personally, I am a Marriott, Hertz and Southwest gal but will spare you the details of why.  The moral of the story is that once you select your loyalty program you should stick with it to reap the benefits.  Much to my chagrin, I have to use Enterprise in San Antonio because they are $100 cheaper than Hertz for the week (#AdmissionProblems). These programs give us something fun to aim and strategize for throughout our travel, but they also provide consistency and little perks along the way.  I know people who will check in to a new … [Read more...]