Tales From The Bio Dome: An Experienced Counselor Ruminates on the Process

This year marks my 17th year in college admission and high school counseling.  SO….is this my career?   How did this happen?  It feels like yesterday I was wandering around New England as an admission counselor looking for two hundred year old prep schools who give directions that include: turn left at the red barn (not the sienna barn, but the red barn) and if you pass the Revolutionary War battle marker, you’ve gone too far.   When someone asks me if college counseling really is my career the answer is easily, yes. I like to frame the discussion like this: You’ve been told that you will spend the next ten years doing this job.  Is this a privilege or a sentence?  I have to be honest. I love this job.  It never gets old.  Each student’s journey is unique and there is always another school, program or opportunity to research.  Visiting colleges is like visiting a history of the United States.  I promise that this series won’t always be so philosophical, but I truly believe that this … [Read more...]