Presidential Ponderings

The rhythm of the school year calendar is one of the elements of college admissions counseling that I most enjoy. Each season brings a different set of priorities to my office and the start of each new school year brings the anticipation of new possibilities. During the WACAC Board retreat this summer, we had the opportunity to reflect on how we might shape new possibilities for our association as part of a strategic planning process that will direct our efforts for the next four to five years. We are a volunteer run, not-for-profit organization and it is important that we carefully use our resources, especially the time donated by our many volunteers, to maximize our service to our members.   Over three days, lively and thoughtful discussions ensued from WACAC’s talented board members, who come from high schools, public and private, colleges and universities, public and private, independent consulting firms and community colleges and from California and Nevada. From these varied … [Read more...]

One Year Anniversary of a Day That Changed My Life Forever

One would think, based on this title, I might supply the summary of my year as your president. And although May 21st, 2013, the day I took office, was exciting and full of promise, it was actually 17 days later, June 7th, when a man with a gun stepped on our campus and terrorized our community for less than 10 minutes. He started his rampage 75 yards outside my office, and 3 lives were lost and families will live with scars forever. As will our campus community. And I want to emphasize, that these scars tend to burn and hurt when it happens again at Santa Barbara, or elsewhere in this country. And although the scars hurt and burn occasionally, they keep us aware, cautious and thankful. Thankful that we can pick ourselves up, support our neighbors, friends and colleagues and continue our mission of educating and providing hope and promise to our country and our world, via education. Do not, I repeat, do not let this kind of fear and intimidation keep us from moving forward in our … [Read more...]

Simple Thanks and Happy Holidays!

This month's article is blog lite. We just had our December Board meeting, and we continue to move forward.  My job as president is to listen a lot, speak a little, and be genuinely grateful for all these folks do for our association.  Balancing their committee responsibilities,  ‘real’ jobs, and, oh yes, personal lives, can only be applauded.  I, on behalf of the membership, thank you Board members. I wish you all happy holidays and a Happy New Year. Dan Nannini WACAC President … [Read more...]

Already Hard at Work

Members of the WACAC Executive Board convened at Bellarmine College Preparatory in San Jose from June 26 to June 28 for the group's annual summer retreat. The retreat kicked off with introductions, for which each person was asked to provide a favorite quote or aphorism. Some were lighthearted ("It's never too late to start wasting the rest of your life"), while others related to deeply personal experiences or to the important work admission professionals do in supporting young men and women in their transition to college. Committee chairs then shared their goals for the upcoming year. Anne Aubert-Santelli and Lauren Popkowski from the Communications Committee were excited to announce the launch of the new WACAC blog. Yamilet Medina Lopez of the Diversity, Equity, and Access Committee spoke about expanding the DEA umbrella to include other populations of students, such as LGBTQ and learning disabled students. Sunday Salter, Transfer Advocacy Committee Chair, discussed how WACAC … [Read more...]