A Month in the Life of a College Counselor

Fall is a crazy and hectic time of year in the world of both college admission and high school counselors.  I remember feeling like I put my life on hold each fall while I traveled for weeks at a time, leaving my routines, car, and husband behind.  This fall was a different, yet still quite hectic, time of year.  Now that the November 1 deadline is well behind me, I’m able to reflect on October and process what the heck went on during this incredibly long and often trying month.  Here’s a look at what my diary entries might have looked like from the past month: Tuesday, October 1: A bit exhausted today after last night’s 11th Grade College Counseling event where we spoke to our entire junior class and their parents.  I can’t wait to get to know them better so I can write amazing rec letters for them by this time next year! Mon. Oct. 7: What a great weekend!  So glad I was in town this year to celebrate my husband’s birthday for the first time since 2007. Thurs. Oct. 10: We had … [Read more...]