Driving Into the Future

My Options Now to explain how I have narrowed down my options I have to explain all of my options. I was accepted to three schools: all Catholic, four-year institutions. Two of them are in-state and one is two states away. Even though only these schools accepted me, I was wait listed at two other schools, one of which is another out-of-state Catholic school and the other is an in-state public school. I also have the option to stay home and attend the community college for a year and try for the very prestigious schools that rejected me this year, once again. I feel conflicted. Of the schools that accepted me, the school I had been the most interested in attending, is out of the question. I had visited the school my sophomore year of high school and loved it. I cried a few times because the problem wasn't that I hadn't been accepted, the problem is, and seemingly always will be, money. I simply can't pretend that I can attend a school where I am expected to contribute more … [Read more...]

Support Pell Grants!

Since their inception, the Federal financial aid programs have helped millions of students realize their dream of attending college. None of these programs are more important than Pell grants. Unfortunately, not all members of Congress recognize their importance and some are actively working to decrease funding for the Pell program. Send a letter to your Representative and Senators urging them to protect and invest in the Pell Grant program. http://capwiz.com/nacac/issues/alert/?alertid=63177046 … [Read more...]

To Community College or Not To Community College, That Is the Question! (With Apologies to Bill)

A very good friend asked me to address the following question about attending a community college, so I thought I would share my response this month. “What will the student be giving up in bonding/relationship/experience/alumni/networking benefits if they don’t go the 4 year route….what’s the trade off there? (beside financial).” I saw this question and knew it would take way more than a few lines of cheerleading the community colleges to answer it completely.  You are asking for custom made cost/benefit analysis in an off the rack world of education and life, but I will give it a go. Let me begin by saying, I always counsel kids and parents to apply to baccalaureate granting institutions.  But, simultaneously, especially in our state, that should include “applying” to community colleges.  I have “applying” in quotes because students get into wherever they ‘apply’ for community college.  It takes little time to apply, and by getting the application in, it moves students up the … [Read more...]

Government Relations Update from Washington D.C.

While the legislature in California is on its interim recess, here are some assorted updates from Washington D.C. and other states outside of California and Nevada. Budget It is almost a guarantee that the federal government will shut down at 12:01am, Tuesday, October 1 because Congress failed to pass any of the annual appropriations bill or a continuing resolution.  House Republicans and some Senate Republicans want to either defund or delay the Affordable Care Act, which was signed into law in 2010.  Without that provision, they are willing to shut down the government.  It is unclear how long the government will be closed. Affirmative Action On September 27, the Department of Education issued new guidelines that provide colleges and universities with information about the ruling in Fisher v. University of Texas at Austin.  Basically the Department said that the policy guidance issued in 2011 remains in effect.  For more information, please visit the Department's website … [Read more...]