Driving Into the Future

My Options Now to explain how I have narrowed down my options I have to explain all of my options. I was accepted to three schools: all Catholic, four-year institutions. Two of them are in-state and one is two states away. Even though only these schools accepted me, I was wait listed at two other schools, one of which is another out-of-state Catholic school and the other is an in-state public school. I also have the option to stay home and attend the community college for a year and try for the very prestigious schools that rejected me this year, once again. I feel conflicted. Of the schools that accepted me, the school I had been the most interested in attending, is out of the question. I had visited the school my sophomore year of high school and loved it. I cried a few times because the problem wasn't that I hadn't been accepted, the problem is, and seemingly always will be, money. I simply can't pretend that I can attend a school where I am expected to contribute more … [Read more...]

The Mad Dash to May 1

When I worked in admissions, the only thing that got me through countless admitted student events all spring was the countdown to one thing: MAY 1. Now that I’m on the high school side, I don’t have that same feeling of, “Can May 1 hurry up and get here already so I can have a break to get my suits dry cleaned/get home from work before 9pm/have one day to just sit at my desk and stare at my computer in peace?” It’s hard to see the agony some seniors put themselves through as they struggle to decide where to commit to attending for the next four years. Some students heard from a specific college and put down the deposit right away; others were denied at their top college and can’t imagine going to college anywhere else; and still others are seemingly in complete limbo. Most of the students coming by my office these days have endless questions about comparing financial aid awards, which housing option to apply for, how to decide where to go, and many other questions that are equally … [Read more...]

Finding the Fit: Lizzie Bennett

It is a truth universally acknowledged that a large college in possession of a good rating must be in want of a student. Although Mrs. Bennett urged Lizzie to marry every time they met at the breakfast table or sat together knitting, my mother has been talking to me about college practically forever.  College was an evaluation of her parenting, just as Lizzie’s unmarried status was for Mrs. Bennett. What my mother failed to realize was the fact that more than 4000 amazing educational institutions exist in the United States, each with their own benefits and drawbacks. Picking colleges is much like finding a boyfriend: it requires communication, patience, and a lot of honesty. I don’t know how many of us would want to go on a blind date without knowing anything at all. What if you have nothing to talk about? What if you guys have completely different backgrounds? What happens if he was searching for someone with a love for collecting toasters, Thoreau, and technology--and you’re not … [Read more...]