A Month in the Life of a College Counselor

Fall is a crazy and hectic time of year in the world of both college admission and high school counselors.  I remember feeling like I put my life on hold each fall while I traveled for weeks at a time, leaving my routines, car, and husband behind.  This fall was a different, yet still quite hectic, time of year.  Now that the November 1 deadline is well behind me, I’m able to reflect on October and process what the heck went on during this incredibly long and often trying month.  Here’s a look at what my diary entries might have looked like from the past month: Tuesday, October 1: A bit exhausted today after last night’s 11th Grade College Counseling event where we spoke to our entire junior class and their parents.  I can’t wait to get to know them better so I can write amazing rec letters for them by this time next year! Mon. Oct. 7: What a great weekend!  So glad I was in town this year to celebrate my husband’s birthday for the first time since 2007. Thurs. Oct. 10: We had … [Read more...]

Deadlines, Parents, and Rec Letters, Oh My!

Fall is officially here and college counselors are in the thick of the busiest time of the year.  Early Decision and Early Action deadlines are looming, parents are becoming more anxious, and the amount of recommendation letters we need to write are piling up.  Yes, it must be October! As someone with limited prior experience with any type of early application deadlines, this has been an eye-opening experience. I’ve quickly had to become well-versed in the differences between Early Decision and Early Action.  I’m a bit surprised to see how many students are applying early these days—I remember changing my mind 10,000 times between visiting my first college campus junior year and the end of senior year.  I ultimately decided what college to go to on April 28—only 3 days before the May 1 National Candidate Reply Date!  (Trust me when I say April was an excruciating month for me and my parents. I was the epitome of an indecisive, anxious teenager. Come to think of it, not much has … [Read more...]