Tweet Me, Maybe?

I first heard about Twitter in 2008 when James Buck was in Egypt and found himself arrested. His simple tweet, “arrested,” alerted his friends back in the States and fellow activists in Egypt that he may need legal help, which his University ultimately secured for him. He was freed less than 24 hours later. Since I live on the edge often do dumb things, I decided I needed to investigate this Twitter business further in case I ever needed instant legal counsel moral support. I joined in early 2009 and have seen the site grow in ways I never would have imagined. Twitter first started as a sketch by Jack Dorsey in 2006. Jack was also the first to send a tweet on a platform that now boasts 255 million users sending over 500 million tweets a day who speak over 35 languages. When it debuted on the New York Stock Exchange in 2013, it was valued at 14 billion dollars which rose to 25 billion by the end of the first day of trading. Yes, 25 billion. The concept is simple, Dorsey wanted to … [Read more...]

A WACAC Introduction to Facebook

Would you Facemash?   The October 2003 dormitory online entertainment created to compare hacked photos side by side to assess levels of ‘hotness’ and ‘notness’ bred outrage, but the idea generated in Mark Zuckerberg’s Harvard dorm room took root. By the dawn of 2004, he founded Facebook to connect people around the University, a task he declared would take Harvard years to implement, but he and his cohorts could put together in mere days. Originally limited to Harvard, Facebook quickly spread to other campuses, and by the close of 2004 boasted 1 million registered college users. Today, 1 in every 7 people on Earth has a Facebook account, and in the first quarter of 2013 alone, the site added 54 million new users, or 1 new user every 7 seconds! (According to the Census Bureau, the world population adds 1 new person every 15 seconds.) Although only 11% of users are aged 13-17, today’s teens spend 80% of their time on social media, have twice as many ‘friends’ as their parents do, … [Read more...]

How to Budget Like an Adult

I can’t think of an intro so let’s just hop into it- welcome to “How to Be an Adult” with your resident supplier of tangentially related admission knowledge: Grant Cushman. Now I know as counseling professionals we are inundated with an excess of wealth. I hear it all the time: “Grant, I have Heisenberg levels of money from all of this admission counseling. What should I do with it?” Fortunately, I’ve thought about this a lot and I’ve found that the absolute best answer to this question is...BUY A BOAT! Boats are awesome for several reasons, none of which I will go into because I’m clearly joking. But really though- times are tough, money is tight, and personalized coffee mugs are cheap. It’s easy to lose track of your finances when it’s so much more rewarding to make it rain on Amazon (but only for Prime-eligible; asking me to wait five days is, quite frankly, insulting). With so many wonderful gadgets available with the click of a button, it’s really no wonder why spending … [Read more...]

Driving Down The 101

I'm currently sitting at Verve Coffee Roasters in Santa Cruz, CA after the start of my last week of high school visits.  My time here is very different from Texas and the whole trip has a different tone.  As I was ordering my coffee, the (very hip) cashier asked me if I needed a copy of my receipt because I look "very business-y" (I'm not even in a full suit).  Everything is more relaxed here and things move a little more slowly, including the freeways. (We can go the speed limit, people!  Come on!)  USC is more widely recognized but Los Angeles is a tougher location to make accessible to people who don't have to lock their doors at night and know everyone in town. I always end with my California territory because it is lower key and reminds me that although Texas has charm and cheap gas, I am a California girl at heart.  CA-12, the geomarket of the central coast, is pretty much the most beautiful part of California.  There are world famous beaches, bridges, golf courses and views. … [Read more...]

The Road: Where Guilty Pleasures Thrive.

I am on my first of five trips and have to say, gosh it feels good to be back on the road.  Maybe it is the two beds (one for napping/eating/tv watching, one for sleeping), or that my hair gets vacuumed off the floor every day, or maybe it’s just getting out of the office for a bit.  Whatever it is, all of the reasons I love recruiting came flooding back the instant I got a soy milk upgrade at the LAX Starbucks and kept the receipt to be reimbursed. I live alone, so my standard of living already excludes pants and getting out of bed before 10am on weekends; but even I find guilty pleasures to indulge in when away from home.  I mean, in order to get fresh towels you HAVE to leave them on the floor!!  Also, hotel air conditioning is just one of the best things in life.  My goal last year was to eat at Whole Foods as much as possible and I must say I was pretty successful.  This year, the dream continues as I add those extra pieces of chicken to my salad and throw in a side of six … [Read more...]