Keep Calm and…..either way summer is coming

This is my second to last blog in this series and I thought that I would double back to where I began. The bio Dome. I won't rehash the whole thing right here because it's available on this site and you are free to peruse it at your leisure. However, the basic idea is that our students are leaving high school unprepared to meet the resistance that life will inevitably present. They are smart. They are capable. What they are not is resourceful. They have been pursued so relentlessly by the stakeholders in their lives that they aren't sure what to do when all of a sudden they have to pursue. So, I'm proctoring AP Physics this afternoon and I have to be honest, this doesn't smell like a room full of fives. It's beautiful outside, graduation is just around the corner (presumably) and it is taking everything that this room can muster to stay focused long enough to prove that they understand kinematic equations as they pertain to a free fall. This year seems to be tougher than others and … [Read more...]

Don’t Act Like You Hit a Triple When You Were Born on Third Base…

So, it’s the second semester of senior year.  Students can see the finish line, but it still seems “so far away”.  They are stuck in this weird holding pattern.  Most of their college apps are finished and submitted.  They are now forced to do something that they just aren't used to: hurry up and wait. My students are used to constantly doing something geared towards the earth shattering goal of "getting in". Releasing the control that they never really had in the first place is terrifying.  In the next few months, effort and attention will wane and schedules will be dumped as they prepare to move on to the next chapter of their lives.  Of course, students will speak of that forbidden temptress: senioritis.  The existential crisis of junior years asks, “What is the point of all this?”  The senior says, “Okay, I get the point.  Can we please just get to it?”  But, in the next few months, the counseling opportunities will be plentiful. John Wooden said, “Reputation is what people … [Read more...]