Finding the Fit: 24 and Overboard

Name: that part was easy. Date of birth: June, 1989, which made me a few months short of my 25th birthday the first time I applied to transfer to a 4-year university. A lot older than my perfect cousin, who at my age was a college graduate and a newlywed, and eons older than my mother who at 24 had been married for 3 years and in a whole new country. No, not me. I was still living in the same house where I had my 5th birthday and only a few feet away from my childhood bedroom. Where had I gone wrong? I wanted to escape and see the world. College was my answer except I was still at a community college 7 years after my high school graduation, and I would be there one more. This story doesn’t have a happy ending so if you are looking for that I’m sure you will find it on some of the other pages. You have now officially been warned. I had one more class to finish in order to transfer, and unlike thousands of other college students crashing classes I had been able to enroll … [Read more...]

Finding the Fit: 24 and Overboard

The spring semester brought new adventures including being Editor-in-Chief of our campus magazine, The Bull.  But, in the back of my head I knew that above all else, the spring would be nothing like the fall - or would it? Especially because I took a deep breath and  opened up yet another rejection letter.  There is a high chance that I will be no farther from home than I am now come this fall, and THAT makes me want to cry.  I have to put on a brave face for my staff at the magazine and they comfort me saying that it wasn't meant to be or that I would have hated the weather anyway.  My rejection from a Cal State in Northern California came via email in February letting me know that more competive applicants had been considered.  It was the nicest way to say that I wasn't good enough, but in all honestly, at least I got an explanation, all I got from another Cal State was "admission denied."  The funny thing is that I contemplated the "what if's" last night. Not over a pint of … [Read more...]

Finding the Fit

The waiting game Day 114 of my time in application purgatory. There is still no response from any school to which I applied. Every day is the same; I check my application portals and get disappointed by “Application Pending” messages. Sometimes I sleep, most of the time I don’t. Morale is at an all-time low. Family and friends seem to have given up on me because they hear about freshmen acceptances and don’t realize that transfer students are supposed to hear later. Maybe they are right to be giving up. Update: got accepted to a couple of UC schools so far. The struggle is over, all is light, and the future looks bright! By Cali Boy … [Read more...]

Finding the Fit: Cali Boy

Hi friends. It’s me again, here to give you an update on my application process. First, I would like to discuss the careful balancing act of applying to schools while managing school work in the fall semester. On the one hand, everything that I have worked for these past years has been with the intention of transferring to a good university/college in the hopes of making something of myself. So naturally, I would love to spend all of my time carefully preparing my applications since they carry such important ramifications. Yet, at the same time, I am carrying a 15 unit course load in the fall semester which is the last semester that colleges will look at in terms of GPA before they make an admissions decision. I’ve heard from multiple sources that an upward trend is very important and this semester in particular is the most important of them all. Naturally, there is a conflict where I wish I could be brushing up on my applications or contacting schools but instead I need to spend the … [Read more...]

Finding the Fit: 24 and Overboard

I took a deep breath when the clock struck 12 and 2014 began.  I knew that this year would be different.  Besides the fact that I'm turning 25, which is scary in its own right, the spring would bring news of where the rest of my life was going.  School for the fall had been another adventure. Working on the school newspaper as an editor and a part-time job left little time for a social life.  As the days flew by and the weeks seemed to disappear, I knew that the deadline for applying to colleges was fast approaching. Thinking back to the days in early October... So far I have gotten a parking violation, spilled coffee on my math book, and have wanted to run away only twice. #WIN I thought we were supposed to get wiser as we get older? The only thing I've gotten is a 60% on my first math assignment. At this rate, I'll be writing about transferring for the next two years instead of one. However, now that I have had my math melt-down, it's time to research something more … [Read more...]