Lizzie Bennett

The college process has a lot of fairy tale-like aspects. Like Cinderella, I've had to research, visit, and perform all sorts of tedious tasks before being able to show up at the ball, or the Common App. My fairy godmother came in the form of my high school counselor who tirelessly read all my essays and suggested other schools at which I should look. While there is no perfect analogy to the waiting period, I now take on the role of Prince Charming as decisions are announced. The clock has chimed midnight and the university of my dreams has slipped by leaving only a glass slipper. Just as Prince Charming went around trying out all the maidens’ feet to find the girl of his dreams, I have been making pro/con charts, visiting campuses again, and most importantly, imagining myself at each school. My choices came down to a prestigious public school twenty minutes from my house and a very small women’s school in Massachusetts, all the way across the country. I decided to make all sorts of … [Read more...]

Driving Into the Future

My Options Now to explain how I have narrowed down my options I have to explain all of my options. I was accepted to three schools: all Catholic, four-year institutions. Two of them are in-state and one is two states away. Even though only these schools accepted me, I was wait listed at two other schools, one of which is another out-of-state Catholic school and the other is an in-state public school. I also have the option to stay home and attend the community college for a year and try for the very prestigious schools that rejected me this year, once again. I feel conflicted. Of the schools that accepted me, the school I had been the most interested in attending, is out of the question. I had visited the school my sophomore year of high school and loved it. I cried a few times because the problem wasn't that I hadn't been accepted, the problem is, and seemingly always will be, money. I simply can't pretend that I can attend a school where I am expected to contribute more … [Read more...]

Waiting to Hear Back From Colleges

I turned eighteen on March 1, which for me marks another challenge I'm trying to face with as much courage as possible: a statement of intent. May 1 is the deadline for many high school seniors across the nation to send in an enrollment deposit to a college they will attend in the fall. My birthday reminded me that all I have worked for, all my parents have worked to help me with, is turning a new page for me. After I submitted my last college application on the 15th of January, I wanted to crawl into my covers and forget that my applications were in the review process in admissions offices across the nation. I am done with the application process and I can no longer change anything I did or did not do in the course of my lifetime to try to better impress college admission officers. It is a difficult thing to accept. Ultimately though, I understand that it is impossible to try to change anything at this point. Hearing Back From Colleges I received my first college acceptance … [Read more...]

Finding the Fit: Lizzie Bennett

Sometimes it seems like bad news, and good news, travels in waves. Extremely high emotional points can lead to periods of great sadness just a few weeks later. Life has a funny way of working itself out, and that’s something to be remembered in the coming weeks and months to come. Looking back, there hasn’t been a single situation that didn’t work out eventually. March is often a month where a majority of students are stressed out about something, whether it be prom, AP test sign ups, or college admission letters. For many high school seniors, March marks a new transition from the comfort and familiarity of high school to a mysterious new place to call home for the next four years. There has never been a more stressful March. It’s difficult to wait for the imminent letters, with your heart racing with every new email. Over the weekend, I met one of my childhood friends who still remains close despite the years and the geographical distance between us. Through conscious effort we … [Read more...]

Finding the Fit: Driving Into the Future

Leading up to the first week of November, my college counselor stayed after school with me to push me towards finishing application supplements. The week before the first of November forced me into essay-writing overdrive. Honestly, I had only started my QuestBridge partner school applications at my college counselor's urging. I imagined on October 22 I would find out I had become a National College Match Finalist. Instead, on October 22, I began a fourteen day trek to finish the required materials eight schools needed. I hardly slept that week, trying to concentrate on the supplemental essays and financial aid forms as best I could with school. Needless to say, I would never go back in time to experience my sleep deprivation. It was so physically and emotionally draining to put everything together. It has been a reflective process for me. I have learned so much about myself, my dreams and how they relate to my plans. However, what I found most difficult to learn about myself is … [Read more...]