How To Organize Your E-Mail Inbox Like Grant Cushman

Hello there friends, colleagues, and people whose name I already forgot even though we just met five minutes ago. Welcome to another installment of Tech Tuesdays with Grant Cushman. With travel season still in full swing, I imagine that many counselors are struggling to keep up with their emails from students, parents, and people who you may have just met more or less five minutes ago.  Unfortunately, I’m not here today to show you an iPhone application or website that will automatically answer your emails and call your mother (no but really, call your mother). However, I do hope to impart upon all of you fine people how I organize my email inbox in Microsoft Outlook, so that I can maximize my time while on the road and in the office. Now, I know, e-mail organization is a highly personal activity and everyone works in their own unique-as-a-snowflake kind of way. Trust me- I get that. However, organization was always a bit of a struggle for me when I first started this job and I … [Read more...]