How to Groove Like Grant Cushman

It’s your good friend and confidante Grant Cushman with another installment of Tech Tuesday. So, travel season is winding down and it’s time for everyone to crawl back into whatever hole you came out of so that you can read applications for the better part of six months.  To honor this exciting time of the cycle, I would like to share with all of you the music services that I use to drown out the silence while reading. Like all things in life, each of these services has its own pros and cons which I hope to elucidate on throughout the blog. Spotify Starting off with the one that probably everyone knows: Spotify has become the staple for streaming music (legally). Present in either a desktop or web-based client, Spotify allows users to create their own playlists using a gigantic music library or to connect Spotify with their Facebook (so they can see what all of their friends are grooving to). While it doesn’t have every song in the world, you’re pretty much set if you are a … [Read more...]